A Little About Us


The BBA Foundation | Babies Born Addicted is a 501(c)3 and 509(a)3 charitable organization

We raise funds to purchase medical supplies and comfort aids for newborns with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) to ease suffering during the painful withdrawal and detox process

Our History

The history of the Babies Born Addicted foundation goes much further back than when it first began.

Founder and president of the BBA, John Tamul, has counselled recovering addicts for over 20 years and has helped them along their rocky road to staying clean. With seeing such a decline in successful recovery attempts and an increase in people losing their lives to their addictions, Tamul began to feel discouraged. However, he decided that if he started from the beginning and made a difference in the lives of babies born into addiction, there would be hope for future generations.

Tamul gathered a few friends and began running a 50/50 raffle along with poker runs on Friday bike nights. By doing this, he was able to start getting the word out to the community about his cause and start donating money to the hospital for supplies. Since then, the BBA foundation has grown enormously, with a large group working together, organized events, partnerships, and so much more.


To work with healthcare providers and public health agencies to ease newborn suffering and shepherd babies born addicted through life's challenges.


To be a global catalyst in bringing an end to the needless suffering of newborns born addicted, through education and intervention.


Core values demonstrate the essential, unchanging values of the BBA.
These values represent what we stand for and what will guide each generations of the BBA leadership in the future.

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Our founding members, officers, and directors.

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